Thursday 1 April 2010

Not the 'Sound Approach'

Today's migrants included the Black Redstart (still, and still as flighty!), 2 Chaffinches (still), 1 Robin (still), 4 Knot (still) and 3 Wood Pigeon (New...yippee). So not a lot new today then! But it was good to see so many birds around, and a lot of new Pipits arriving too, although the poss 'littoralis' from a few days ago seems to have passed through. After getting photos of such a confiding 'adult' Shag a few days ago, it was good to get a confiding '1st Summer' bird today for comparison!

For anybody interested (there must be someone?), I've posted a couple of mp3 sound files at the bottom of the sidebar on the right. These include a recording of the 'First' fully documented 'moltonii' Subalpine for Britain (armchair tick some day?). A recording of Stormies from Moussa last Summer, and another couple of Shetland birds. I'm trying to make an online library (on this blog) of the many sound clips I've recorded, once I figure out the logistics of it.... As you all know, I'm not very technically minded and this is a bit of a challenge for me!

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