Tuesday 30 March 2010

"We come from the land of the ice and snow"

It felt decidedly 'Baltic' today, with a good breeze from the North East...Rather fitting that the Snow Buntings had decided to hang about, and they showed a bit better thanks to a dry stone wall I could hide behind to take pics. After a bit of a DIY 'disaster' involving copper water pipes and screws!!! A trip to Mid Yell for a replacement pipe was in order. It only seemed right that I look in on my old friend the Bearded Seal, and right enough, there he was in the water. He seemed to be feeding in the mouth of a very small burn (repeatedly diving in the shallow water), and after about 10 minutes, he hauled out and sunbathed. What a performer eh! This animal seems genuinely inquisitive if it's in the water, and approached me to within 8 feet or so, from quite a distance! Other than that, the only migrants worth noting today were the 2 Male Chaffinch and a Robin all in my garden.

Blog post title mercilessly pinched from the great Led Zeppelin. To hear the song in it's full glory, please click on the link...turn the sound right up... sit back... enjoy...

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