Saturday 24 April 2010


Highlight of the last few days was actually a decent 'migrant' at last.... Found a Marsh Harrier while at my work. It was seen at 2030 hrs (almost dusk) and was pretty much in silhouette. It was also getting a pretty hard time from one of the local Hoodies, and flew along side and then right over my vehicle, but it didn't hang about unfortunately. Though with some Southerly and Easterly winds lately hopefully there will be more good migrants passing through soon.

Also spotted this Herring Gull on my local patch recently and I noticed this 'bad boy' was sporting a touch of bling... After the success in photographing a Rock Dove ring while it was at my feeders, I decided to try again. I did take a few hundred photos over the space of a few days (stop laughing!), but I finally managed to nail the last of the numbers! What the hell did we do before digital photography?

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