Saturday 10 April 2010


Thanks to the investigative talents of Dave Okill, the local BTO representative, the origins of the ringed Rock Dove at my feeders has been solved. ES58139 was ringed on the island of Bigga, while roosting in an old building there on 14/07/2002. It was an adult when ringed, and this means it ain't traveled very far in it's 11 years, but seemingly due to the scarcity of recoveries of ringed Rock Doves, it may just be one of the oldest!

Today I was busy on my roof, replacing the roof in fact, so very little birding. I did hear what sounded like the call of a Redpoll sp flying over, and my first 'alba' Wagtail of the year, but as I didn't have bins up there with me, I'll never know which ones! I'm sure there will be more of each before the Spring is through. Did get a couple of passage Redwings today though...

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