Friday, 30 April 2010


The 'plucky' little Chiffchaff was still singing in my garden, and Snowy the friendly Bunting was still down at the farm, but that was about it for today...Rain and Northerly winds don't make for good birding here!

This is the local ssp of Wren 'zetlandicus'. It too found something to sing about today. It's subtly different from the British bird, and this also includes it's song. Below is a link to one of my recordings taken in June last year...

Ringing Update; A Herring Gull with ring number GN09032 that I photographed at the old pier in Burravoe on the 23/04/2010. Was ringed as a chick at the Horse of Burravoe on 28/06/2002 [didn't get very far then!]... cheers again for the info Dave.

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