Thursday 29 April 2010

Moorland madness

The male Snow Bunting was still 'chillin' in it's favoured farm yard this morning, and I've no idea how it stays so clean and White looking, as just being there for 5 min or so, me and the dog were covered in mud... and other stuff! (Seems to be a reoccurring theme lately). Also on my patch was a rather flighty Common Sandpiper down at the Voe, Chiffchaff in my garden, my first 'definite' Whimbrel of the year, and the 6 Fieldfare and single Redwing still.

I've even managed a short and very windy recording of this Bunting (Curlew in background)

lately I've also taken to sitting in the middle of moorlands and trying to get recordings of waders. This sounds like quite a nice pass time, but when you consider the weather up here just now (strong winds and rain/drizzle) it's not very enjoyable! but there is method to my madness, and more on this later (if I survive!). Below is a quick recording of the local ssp of Common Snipe (G.g.faeroeensis). In the background is an alarming Fieldfare.

And a Golden Plover with a 'zetlandicus' Wren...

And a Wheatear getting all Territorial and trying to kick a rival's ass...

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