Shetland Wren

The Shetland Wren, ssp 'zetlandicus', is the local variety of the Winter Wren found all over Britain, and a probable incipient species.  It's a common resident over most of Shetland, and it's sedentary behaviour makes it unlikely to be found outside these islands.

Below are photographs of adult birds;

And Juvenile birds;

Adult at the nest;

Typical nest location, under an overhanging edge;

Below are some sound recordings of 'zetlandicus'... 

Adult in full song;
Adult in full song;                  
Alarming adult;
Juv. begging calls;

and a photo of the Fair Isle ssp;

and a 'British' Wren (complete with a tick behind it's eye!), photographed in Central Scotland.  Hope you can see the difference (I'm stuffed if I can !)