Rock Pipit variation.

I took a bit more interest in the 'local' Rock Pipits in Spring 2010, and it's shown me just how much variation there is in this unassuming wee brown job.  All birds were photographed on my local 'patch' of Burravoe on the island of Yell, Shetland, during April and May 2010.

Below are a few photos of varying 'quality' which I hope show the range of plumage of the local breeding birds, and birds passing through Shetland in Springtime.

                          'Standard' looking 'petrosus';                       

From here on it gets a bit more complicated!  possibly a few 'littoralis' birds? Some are quite subtle, where others are a bit more obvious... 

bird 1.

bird 2.

bird 3.

bird 4.

bird 5.