Monday 18 June 2012

Red-necked Phalaropes (inc video)

Lately, these wee birds are certainly proving harder to see!  They were seen by myself on almost every visit a few years back, but now they only seem to show every two or three visits!  Still plenty to see on Fetlar including Summer plumage GN Divers, Whimbrel, Arctic/Great Skuas etc, so always enjoyable even without the star performers! 

Not a fantastic video, but my first decent attempt at it!

Thursday 14 June 2012

Up-close and personal...

Just a few photos of the various wildlife in South Yell over the last couple of days!  Very cold temperatures and Northerly winds have stopped most of the migrants from passing through, so I've concentrated on the local species instead!

The local Black Guillemots have been very approachable, and extremely vocal, but thanks to the noise of the sea and wind, sound recordings are almost impossible...

Black Guillemot
Black Guillemot

the 'carniverous' Sundew