Saturday, 3 April 2010

Latest Scores Just in...

Otter 1, Dougie 0.

In a bit of last minute action (while boarding the ferry to work!), a quick glimpse of a large dog Otter heading along the breakwater, had me reaching for the camera on the passenger seat. Like 'lightning', my car was stopped (sorry to those following me!), the window was down, and about a dozen shots were fired off at the fast moving 'beast'... Feeling quite smug I boarded the ferry and decided to check the results, feeling sure I had captured the action with my fast 'cat like' reflexes. But when I looked at the images on the LCD screen, all I seen was what looked like a large Brown 'skid mark' streaking across all 12 photos! Great work Dougie! Next time I'll try and remember to reset the settings after taking shots in sunny conditions. (An ISO of 100 in near dusk conditions meant a shutter speed of 1/20 sec...) At least living in Shetland I'm pretty much guaranteed another try at Otters before too long... I hope!


  1. And here's me thinking you had come over all football. I am sure you will get plenty more opportunities. I do.

  2. What is this 'football' crap of which you speak? and does it not just get in the way of people birding?

  3. It is but a delightful side order.