Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Everythings Hazy!

Finished Night shift this morning, and due to sleep deprivation, I'm sure I've been hallucinating! It was while boarding the Ferry at Toft to go home, I could swear I seen 5 'White' Geese flying towards Firth! I got the bins onto them just before they dropped down the other side of a hill, and I'm happy they didn't have any black to the wingtips (birds only seen from behind), so I'm putting them down to be 'escapes' of one form or another. But the real question is; Did they ever exist? and where are they now? If nobody else sees some strange white geese in Shetland soon, I might just lock myself away where I can't do any harm. At least until the proper Spring migration starts...

I also seen 4 Bar-tailed Godwits at Hamnavoe on the way home (I think?), and when I finally arrived home, I could hear the Male Chaffinch 'singing' in the museum garden next door. So not only am I hallucinating, but I might also be hearing things too? Who Knows.....

The above photo 'might' contain a Rock Pipit (taken on my early morning dog walk). If you can't see a bird in the above picture then I'm in more trouble than I thought!

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