Friday 3 September 2010


There are now a few young Kittiwakes joining the adults at the post breeding flock at Toft. These are always a welcome sight, but especially this year, as they have had yet another very bad breeding season in Shetland. (Got to be the most pretty juv/1st win Gull of all!)
The only other sightings of note lately, have been two very unseasonal Fieldfares (31 August!), and 3 Moorhens at one of the few breeding site for this species in the North of Shetland. I've also had lots of Otters as usual on my commute to work, but I've taken enough pics of them recently! With all these Easterly winds lately, I'm hoping Burravoe will produce the goods on my days off, and produce a nice Wryneck or similar for me! I also feel I must be the only birder in Britain who hasn't found a Lap Bunt recently!

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