Thursday 16 September 2010

Seemed like a good idea!

With gale force Northerly winds and heavy rain, I thought maybe a wee bit of sea watching might be the best idea today... After 30 min getting soaked and wind blown at Lamba Ness on Unst, me and my dog, decided to sack it off for a bit of 'passerine' birding instead. This proved slightly more profitable than the seabirds, with Lapland Buntings, Snow Bunting and Pied Flycatcher among other small birds seen on Unst...

Lapland Bunting, one of about 20 'ish' today;
Shetland Council road clean up squad;
A windy day on Unst;

1 comment:

  1. Was a bit windy wasn't it ! I got soak by the spray crashing over the cliffs at Lamba Ness, not by the rain.