Tuesday 7 September 2010


All the hours working the South of Yell, finally payed off this morning. This good looking American Goldie, was found at Hamnavoe on the South coast of Yell an hour after setting out on my 'patch'. Being aware of how fussy the records committee can be, I thought I'd better get as many pics as possible to make sure it was accepted! I was told a while back by a very respected birder, that to get an AGP accepted, you have to "see the underwing colour"! and that "every 10 minutes or so, Goldies always lift their wings and stretch"... an hour later, and this bird hadn't, even though lot's of it's friends were doing this. Thankfully shortly after this, the birds then decided to fly the short distance to the shore for a quick wash, and it was then that I managed to grab a couple of flight shots (more luck than anything else!)...

Brownish underwing, compared to the Goldie;

And a pic of a Goldie too; just a shame the AGP didn't pose like this!
The rest of my area was checked after I'd enjoyed this bird. This proved that a lot was still arriving, even in the 60mph winds...
Totals today inc; 1 Common Rosefinch (new), 2 Spotted Flycatchers, 1 Knot, 3 Willow Warblers and a poss Barred Warbler that refused to show for me.
One of the Spotted Flys 'fresh in';


  1. Cheers Russ. South Yell really seams to be hotting up this Autumn...

  2. A great find Dougie and very good images too.

  3. Cheers Ben, I've checked a hell of a lot of Plovers to find this one!

  4. top find dougie, still not found AGP anywhere, and still hoping !