Sunday 29 August 2010

Same sh*t, different day!

In gale force Northerly winds, birding isn't going to be at all easy. All the bushes on my patch are blowing about so violently, that small passerines were always going to be hard to see. Trips along the coast showed that 5 Bar-tailed Godwits were still hanging about, and the Ruff puts in an appearance occasionally, along with more Otter sightings, but not a lot else...

One small bird that did show today, was the now 'resident' Pied Fly. This bird is definitely a different bird to the one I photographed on the 19th. As this one has a stonking primary covert bar (on both sides), as opposed to the earlier bird, though unfortunately not large or extensive enough to get too excited over! ..... but the Autumn has only just started!


  1. Any Lap Bunts round your way Dougie?

  2. Prob loads mate, but I'm doing 12 hour day shifts just now, so no chance to look! with luck I'll be out looking on Sat! Would love to get some decent pics like Minton's....