Sunday 5 September 2010

'Basking' in Sunshine...

After finding nothing of interest on my morning tour of the 'patch', I decided to use the unseasonably sunny weather to waterproof my garage roof (all 36 square meters of it!). It was while in the process of doing this (and covered head to foot in tar!) that Ian T, a neighbour and fellow wildlife enthusiast dropped by to let me know of a Basking Shark down at the pier. Being less than 100yds away from my house, and a tick as well, it seemed rude not to pay it a visit. The beast was quite far out by the time I got there and with a choppy sea and high wind, it wasn't an easy watch. But it was still well worth it for the experience, especially as it seemed quite a large individual. With bins and camera now covered in tar (no time to clean myself up first), I headed home to finish my work a happy man!....

At least I was happy until someone went and found a Brown Flycatcher in NE Englandshire.... (I missed out on the Fair Isle bird a few years back!) I can feel a plan coming together, involving another mega bash about in South Yell early tomorrow to find my own! As there is no way I'm leaving Shetland at this time of year!!!


  1. Personaly I think you should go! You would enjoy it!! Nobody wants to be in Shetland at this time of the year anyhow!!!

  2. Thanks for the words of 'wisdom' mate, but I reckon I'll find my own mega tomorrow on Yell! but knowing my luck, it'll be a Sibe Thrush / Olivetree! (which I don't need!) ................Oh stuff it, I suppose they would have to do! ;)