Wednesday 15 September 2010

On Reflection.

Definitely a watery theme today. We are getting very strong Northerly winds at the moment, but I managed to find a very sheltered bay, and when the sun came out the reflections in the water were quite beautiful!

Shag just off shore;

A successful hunt!

A 'monster' of a bull Grey Seal;Dinner for two!
Oi... 'Fat boy'

and you can't have a watery theme without the obligatory Otter shot;
Bird wise there was nothing spectacular, but a few common migrants were around including Pied Flycatcher and Garden Warbler etc, and a Kestrel was at Kergord! Things might be looking up though, as Fair Isle scored the 'first' American passerine of the Autumn today in the shape of a Swanson's Thrush!


  1. There was a really strong push of Neotropical migrants over Cape May, NJ overnight and this morning, so keep your eyes peeled for incoming yankees the next few days:o)