Friday 30 July 2010

and there's more...

A few more from my travels;
Fallow Deer in the New Forrest;
Six-spot Burnet. (more insect photos in the 'bugs' page. Link in the side bar ---------> )
And I caught up with a sub-species I've been looking for up here for a while now, but with no success so far!
'sinensis' Cormorant; (crap pic I know, but it shows the features required)
I've not even got round to posting about the xbill sonograms! (just be thankful for small mercies eh!)


  1. Hi Dougie, I am glad You enjoyed your time in England. I just wanted to tell you that your Blog is great with some superb images. Is there any chance I could hear other sound recordings of other Birds, I think its great what you do.

  2. Cheers for the encouraging comments mate! It's good to know someone is reading this stuff! This England trip was just way too quick, but it did deliver the goods, so I can't complain... I'm already thinking of the next one too, but just don't tell my wife (she doesn't read this crap anyway, so I reckon I'm safe!)

    Recording sounds is my personal favourite, as it can give a more atmospheric impression of what the wild life experience was really like (unlike a still photo). I do have more sounds in the side bar ----------> but I only manage to get out occasionally in decent conditions for recording, as the wind is a constant feature up here, and can seriously screw up a recording too...

    Cheers again, Dougie.