Sunday 18 July 2010

Bugs and eggs!

Well, as if the 'bug' thing wasn't bad enough, I'm now getting into the finer details of their life's as well. This female Large White Butterfly (I now know what species it is thanks to a text received yesterday) decided to lay her eggs on the Nasturtiums in my back garden, so it seemed rude not to photograph such an accommodating subject! and I'm pretty happy just to get a half decent pic of her as well...
and a new generation of leaf munching bird food is brought into the world.
and a nice comparison of the two common bees around Burravoe (Whitetailed and Shetland)

I also managed to fire up my second barbecue of the year! even though the weather ain't exactly great for eating alfresco (I'm just determined to salvage something of this crappy summer)...

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