Tuesday, 13 July 2010

'Fieldcraft' No.2...

Don't let it ever be said that birders don't use fieldcraft anymore!

As I had to use all my skill and cunning to photograph this beautiful RT Diver today... I spotted the target bird at about 100yds range, and with my right foot I slowly brought the car to a complete standstill, while simultaneously lowering the passenger side window, and getting my camera off the back seat!..... I even reckon this might count as multitasking too! (something we men are pants at, seemingly?)

The hard part was then trying to keep the Diver in focus, while not getting too intimate with the handbrake lever! The bird didn't even seem to notice all this, as it kept bathing and shaking itself much to my enjoyment!

Unfortunately all the 'fieldcraft' couldn't stop the wind up here, but I reckon I still managed a pretty good recording of this Whimbrel...

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