Wednesday 4 August 2010


I've been quite busy at work since I came back, but I'm looking forward to a few days birding over the coming weekend! The only bird of note lately came in the form of a very large (poss fem) Peregrine, flying over my car at 0530 hrs this morning (It came as quite a surprise too!). Apart from that, the wildlife sightings lately have been of mammals. With multiple sightings of Otter, Hare, Polecat and not forgetting Hedgehog, but none have been while I had my camera to hand (typical eh!).

For anyone interested in sounds, I've posted a recording of a Nuthatch taken in the New Forest (see link in sidebar----------> ). It's not a fantastic recording, but in my defence, I was trying to record this, and xbills, and watch Goshawks all simultaneously.

and for anyone interested in sonograms, I've posted a new one at the base of the relevant Crossbill page.(see link in sidebar---------> )

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