Friday 2 July 2010


After getting such close photos of adult Ravens a while back, I though I'd turn my hand to photographing the young (Though not the young of the previously photographed birds).

They look quite dopey compared to the fearsome look of the adult birds, which were hanging about in the background all the time... These birds are making the local rabbit population quite nervous...


  1. Clicked on hoping you had scored the Honey Buzzard.

  2. Work gets in the way again! don't reckon I'd have seen the Buzzard anyway, as they only ever seem to 'fly over'...

  3. Hi Dougie,

    Are you getting sound recording of any of these crossers up there the now ! ?

    Sorry for delay getting back. I caught 5 Parrots and 1 retrap Scottish that day you texted - basically I had my hands full of crossbills !Your Speyside jobby was a Fc1 IMO. It was a bit freaky looking on the sonogram but these anomalies are caused by the double syrinx that a bird has - basically it was showing off !

    I go by my ear, more than my eyes, and to me it was a Fc1 though a bit "flutey" due to the extra/extended components. The basic shape was that of Fc1 except 'extended'. Crossbills sonogram analysis should come with a Government Health Warning (or therapy).......


  4. Good to hear from you again.

    I've managed to persuade Jase on Whalsay to record the birds on his patch, and guess what... Looks like we have another batch of Fc4's this year too! Oh well, I'll just have to make yet another trip doon sooth to get my fix, if this is all we are going to get again!

    The birds in Speyside a while back looked like Fc1 to me also, but just the 'm' shape was confusing me, so thought I'd better check.

    As for the 'Therapy' I can just add it to the long list of things for my psychiatrist to sort out eh! like my obsession with 'littoralis' Pipits and various other sub-species... ;)