Monday, 12 July 2010

Crossbills and Orcas!

A trip to Brae for building materials provided a good mornings entertainment!

Now anyone who knows me well, will know of my love of Crossbills. So finding 5 birds feeding in the plantation at Sullom, provided more than enough interest to keep me busy for a hour or so (photos & recordings). Then on the way back home, the ferry journey was made far more enjoyable than normal by the sighting of 4 Orcas. To my eyes they looked to be 1 Bull, 2 Cows and a Calf.

Most of the Crossbill recordings proved to be 'Glip' or '4E' depending what classification you want to use!
With one of what looks like the 'Parakeet' or '1B' variety showing up in the sonogram. (If this is the case, then it's only the third record for Shetland, with the other two being recorded by myself on Unst last year! ) any comments on these recordings are most welcome!

And can anyone guess what this is meant to be?


a, Shed. or b, Digger.


  1. is that work finally starting on the tunnel then ?

  2. I've got it.
    It's a portaloo which digs it's own sewer. ;)