Monday, 1 March 2010


Collected a couple of birding friends off the ferry at Ulsta this morning for a twitch on the long staying Beardie. Weather looked OK, but unfortunately the mammal decided it had better things to do elsewhere. This prompted us to ponder the question of; What does a seal do for excitement? (can there be anything more exciting than lying on a patch of mud?...for a seal anyway) There didn't even seem to be any Grey or Common Seals to 'chill' with! Answers on a postcard please... bet it turns up again though!

So with nothing else to keep me off my DIY duties, it was back to Burravoe. Oh yes, and I took a couple of Greylag pics on my dog walk this afternoon. Not too bad either, as they are normally way too flighty for photos. For those interested, the flight shot was taken first, as the bird came into land (honest!!!)

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