Sunday 21 March 2010

Only an excuse!

Give me an excuse to escape from more DIY! Any excuse!..... and I'll take it.... So back out with the dog today.

Good movement of Twite and Skylark today, with birds both singing and passing by over head. I also seen my first Meadow Pipit displaying (Yippee..). This might seem 'pants' to you?, but to me this is a good sign, as they completely vacate Burravoe in the Winter, as opposed to small numbers of Twite and Skylark still turning up now and again during the last few months. Looking at Birdguides and seeing things start to arrive down South, I just wish they would get a bloody move on, as it's been a long Winter up here, and I'm sure we could all do with an Alpine Swift, or even another Black Kite would do!

The light was very strong, and trying to get any decent pics was not easy (maybe if I knew about photography, that might have helped!) but it was just nice just being out in the sun...Oh, and I also heard my first flyover Red-throated Divers of the year too!

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