Tuesday 30 March 2010

'petrosus'...or is it?

Finally managed to get a decent shot of the 'petrosus' Rock Pipits. These wee buggers are so busy chasing each other, and doing song flights etc, that they were nigh on imposable to capture in a pic. This bird landed right next to me while I was trying to photograph the more flighty bird in the below pics....

This bird had just a hint of 'littoralis' about it! An obvious 'super' (behind the eye only), with a touch of grey colour on the mantle/nape/crown, and a feint pinkish touch to the throat (all more obvious in the field than in these pics) ...The colours of the above bird have not been 'touched-up'!
Any thoughts on the above would be most welcome! (feel free to email me if you prefer)

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