Thursday 28 October 2010

Garden 'tick'...

A quick tour of the area this morning produced; 4 Bar-tailed Godwits, 2 Robins and a flock of 5 Redpoll 'sp' (flyover). The highlight though wasn't till I had given up birding and had started some DIY on the outside of my house. It was then that I had another flyover Redpoll 'sp' closely followed by a probable Richards Pipit flying low over my garden calling (flew into the direction of the sun). I have to say 'probable' because I heard it call about 4 times as it flew South, but the call was a bit harsher than I would expect of Richards! I'm still listening to recordings looking for a match... After I'd given up searching for the pipit, and resumed my DIY, a more obliging Waxwing decided to fly past at close range while 'trilling' away... Nice garden tick too! The moral of the story is that "if you can't get out to the birds, the birds will come to you". I just wish they would hang about a bit longer!


  1. I was going to post a long rant on my blog about people who claim 'possibles and probables', but your Richard's Pipit and the Calandra Lark at Spurn today have rather put me off the idea....

  2. I'd love to have made it a definite mate, but the bloody thing just won't cooperate (shit happens I guess)! Still, at least no one will be trying to twitch my Richard's...

  3. It wasn't going to be aimed at that sort of 'probable' at all, which is why I decided against it in the end. It was more about the sort of people who are always claiming flyover possibles and probables, in the desperate hope that people will think they're good birders.

    Anyway, hope you get something good up there over the winter!