Friday 14 May 2010

It went a bit wrong today...

Arranged for a day trip to the Out Skerries today with Jase, but due to the local Yell ferry running late, all plans had to change!

The day started off well at South Nesting, with a Merlin chasing a GBB Gull, now that's what I call plucky! (what would it have done if it caught it?)

Then a singing Chiffchaff at Scalloway made me think there had to be migrants around somewhere, but after a bird less trip to Lerwick and Kergord I was ready to be proved wrong...

And finally we decided to check Voe, where there was loads of birding action including;

Pied Flycatcher
3 Common Sandpipers (singing)
Siskin (c3+)
White & Pied Wagtails
Reed Bunting
and a very vocal 'singing' Redwing...

Also a few Whimbrel and Red-throated Divers for good measure.

Cutest bird of the day went to;

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