Tuesday 22 June 2010

Whole lotta bull...

Well, the 'bull' in question refers to a male Killer Whale, and it was putting on a show around the South of Yell for most of the day on Tuesday, along with what looked like his 'family'! (4 Orca's in total). The following crappy pics were taken from the ferry on my way to work. A massive thanks to the ferry crew who decided to take us on an impromptu trip up the Yell sound to get a look at these beautiful animals. This turned the normal 15 minute ferry journey, into a 35 minute journey, but I didn't hear anyone complain!

The light and distance were n0t the best for taking pic's, but you can just about make out what they are!


  1. A great journey to work you've got. It beats the 35 minute crammed into a train that I used to do. The pics are a lot better than I could have managed on a moving ferry!


  2. Cheers for that, and yes it's maybe not too bad a journey considering eh! I've had worse...