Saturday, 5 June 2010

2nd Iberian Chiffchaff in under a Month!

Iberian Chiffchaff on Unst, was by far the highlight of the day. This wee cracker (if you can call a Yellowish Chiff that!) was performing to the five or so birders present this afternoon. The fact that it was almost constantly singing was a good thing (no iPod help either!), but due to technical problems with sound equipment, my recordings are a bit pants to say the least! If this bird hangs about, I reckon I'll be back to try again. Did manage a couple of half decent pics though...

Pretty crap recording here;

Another big thanks to Stef and Ash, I reckon between them, they have pretty much saved the 'Shetland Spring' from being a complete washout bird wise!

Stork Update; Looks like the Unst Black Stork was the same bird as recently seen on the Western Isles, and was ringed in 2007 in Hungary! see here;,-3.977051&spn=4.07122,9.876709&z=7

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