Thursday 8 March 2012

Iceland and Kumlien's Gulls.....

This winter has seen a large influx of White-winged gulls to Shetland. Unsurprisingly they have predominantly been Iceland Gulls like these photographed in Lerwick.....
Adult Iceland
2nd Winter Iceland Gull
With a huge invasion of Iceland Gulls, it was perhaps not surprising they were accompanied by various Kumlien's type gulls.....
Adult and 1st Winter Kumlien's Gulls

3rd Winter Kumlien's Gull

I've added a gallery of the various Kumlien's Gulls to the 'pages' section on the blog.  Just click the link in the sidebar or click here;  Kumlien's Gallery  Any comments on the age or id of these bird is very welcome! 

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