Friday, 26 November 2010

Dam it's cold... Part 3

OK... OK... I know the title lacks imagination, but it's still bloody cold here!

As far as birding is concerned, this cold snap has had it's good side though, as species that are normally very hard to see, are a bit more obvious as they have fewer places to hide! This helped me get a 'patch' record of 4 Jack Snipe today, along with copious amounts of Common Snipe and Blackbirds. Not sure if these are just local harsh weather movements, or refugees fresh in from Scandinavia? Also seen today; a hunting Merlin and the usual Otter. Not a bad day concidering I never even made it out of Burravoe!

I've had better Jack Snipe photos, but this was all I could manage today;


  1. Its better than I've got !!!!!


  2. 'bout time for an update - Yell man !!!!!

  3. Ok mate, how's about a GC Grebe in Burravoe, and a few Snow Bunts... does this count as an update?? Let's face it, there ain't a lot about the noo, eh! :-)